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We can improve the quality of life in District 21

District 21 is a great place to live, but our neighborhoods are sometimes not as strong and vibrant as they could be. Infrastructure problems, lack of parks and difficult commutes are among the things I plan to tackle as your Council member.
111th St is the only direct pedestrian access to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, where you get there right through a neighborhood. We can create dynamic city partnerships for our school children.
We must have street improvement projects to protect the lives of our vulnerable road users; seniors, children and those with walking difficulties. Create networks for easy travel between our neighborhoods and work outside of the district. Let's make MTA service better and more connected.
The diversity of City Council District 21 includes many small neighborhoods as well as major institutions like LaGuardia Airport, Willets Point, Citi Field and Flushing Meadows Corona Park. In the coming years, we'll make Flushing Meadows Corona Park a world class destination, by improving the landmarks within, and bringing in more services and activities for our residents.
We need to rebuild the aging infrastructure in the district. This stairway is used by 100's of kids on their route to school. Our children need safe places to play in the clean fresh air. Sadly most public school kids are not receiving recess or gym. Let's fix that.

Committee to Elect Cristina Furlong for City Council-D21
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