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We Are Here To Stay and Thrive

Supporting Community Schools

D21 is split between education districts 30 and 24. Given that, there is a huge disparity in the opportunities our children are able to access. Many of our schools are extremely over-utilized.

 I’ll work to create new schools, including a quality high school. We all know that takes years. Though we've benefitted from the addition of three new schools, it'simportant to support our mega-schools who are tasked with the same goals of educating our kids though they have fewer resources with which to do it. 

This includes careful expansion of UPK3 and UPK4.

At City Hall, I will be a watchdog of the Department of Education and School Construction Authority, whose massive budgets require challenge and oversight. Sometimes they need to do more with less, other times they need to do more, with more. I’ll work to get every dollar the state owes.

Committee to Elect Cristina Furlong for City Council-D21
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