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Read my positions on issues relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and you can click through to see additional information.

Our Roads, Parks and other Infrastructure

The infrastructure located in District 21 plays a major role in supporting the whole of New York City.  We have an airport, stadiums, parks and expressways. And yet this infrastructure is crumbling.

Our district's quality-of-life needs are not being considered.

  • We have noise problems.
  • We have poor subways.
  • The Roosevelt Ave corridor is decrepit.

These problems take away from the vibrancy of the neighborhood. Our big roads such as Astoria Boulevard, Roosevelt Avenue and Junction Boulevard seem like borders when they should be conduits to travel within the district.

We can improve our infrastructure by redesigning today's streets to meet the needs of all road users, instead of accepting roads built nearly 100 years ago.

District 21 is one of the most heavily trafficked local districts in the world,. The District 21 Council member needs to fight to ensure that an adequate share of economic resources generated by our infrastructure is reinvested in our community.

We need cooperation between our city and state leaders to garner proper resources for community.

  •  Improve our parks
  • Invest in efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

I will fight for these resources and be present in the community to hear your concerns so that I can help make these improvement projects happen.  I have spent years in the community navigating New York City government’s processes for infrastructure improvement and I will continue to fight for more resources and more responsive government to make our community stronger, safer and more vibrant.


Supporting Community Schools

District 21 straddles Community School Districts 24 and 30. Given that, there is a huge disparity in the opportunities our children are able to access. Many of our schools are overcrowded.

I’ll be a strong advocate for new schools in District 21, including a quality high school. I also support the careful expansion of universal pre-K for both 4- and 3-year olds. At the same time, it's important to support our existing large schools that are tasked with educating our kids with fewer resources, less outside space and less community involvement.

At City Hall, I will be a careful watchdog of the Department of Education and the School Construction Authority, since these large agencies have massive budgets that require challenge and oversight. Sometimes these agencies need to do more with less; other times they need to do more with more. I’ll work to get every dollar the state owes city schools.

Revitalizing Public Spaces

A clean, vibrant environment with open spaces for events, play areas for children, and inviting places for seniors to visit and exercise not only makes our neighborhoods more livable, but can also help to prevent crime and provide our youth with the opportunity to make healthy choices.

Access to parks and programming create a bridge for the district's 160,845 residents, helping them to discover Queens as much as those coming to Citi Field, LaGuardia and the U.S. Open do.

Our district is one of the most densely populated and lacks public space. Yet there are many sites to reclaim:
Locations along the 7 train corridor can be greened and maintained with plazas, such as along the 7 line in Woodside. The Flushing Promenade can be developed and once again become the fantastic destination it was years ago, when it was called the North Beach and people gathered there for picnics and other leisure activities.  

The 111th St corridor, which houses the only pedestrian access to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, is being redesigned for safety as well as to improve access for our residents. We need more such projects.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions for the next big public space project in District 21.

Immigrant Rights

Our community is blessed to have a tremendous diversity, and we value and respect all of our residents.

No one should live in fear for themselves or their family members based on their immigration status. Nor should our bright students be denied the right to a higher education because of their immigration status. I support the Dream Act, allowing undocumented youth to seek higher education through loans, grants and scholarships. 

I support Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to make New York City a sanctuary city. 

Last year, the City Council passed a number of laws protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants. I will work tirelessly at City Hall and in our district on behalf of District 21's immigrant communities.


Confronting Homelessness

New York City has record numbers of homeless people. As a Council member, I will make a concerted effort to develop plans to find affordable housing for these families.

The shelter system in New York City is an important support for people, but it needs to be a first step within a more comprehensive plan to reduce the numbers of homeless in our district and around the city.

Those who feel that Queens is getting a disproportionate number of homeless shelters must be heard not only in the district but at City Hall, where we can work together to find better solutions. We must also create better guidelines for the placement of homeless shelters. As new shelters are built, we must ensure that the work goes to competent, qualified contractors who have been fully vetted by the City of New York in a transparent process. 

Committee to Elect Cristina Furlong for City Council-D21
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