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As a mother and an advocate who has lived in New York City for 29 years — 17 in Queens and nine in District 21 — I am the leader, listener, do-er on the issues that New Yorkers are most concerned about; our homes, families and safety. Every decision a council member makes and all the money that gets dished out comes back to this. 

With your great encouragement and support, we've gathered enough signatures to make the ballot, though challenges abound.  
If you'd like to volunteer to help, please contact me via the contact or volunteer page. 

These last few weeks of campaigning have been the experience of a lifetime. As a tour guide, I've spent countless hours showing NYC to tourists- but at home in Queens, the conversations, issues and boundless pride of our residents have been empowering. My aim as your next council member is to fully represent the needs of our residents and to fairly fund and support the great communities who call it home. I will treat this district as it were my own home, because it is. My family and I shop, ride, rally, work and go to school here. We worry about our rising rent, we utilize the pools, libraries and even the local hospital.

Not since the late Borough President and Council Member Helen Marshall stepped into the spotlight has another woman been so committed to simply highlighting the needs of the community and building pride and greatness amongst us. Marshall said, 

 “If you see Queens, you see the world. Put your eye on the star and keep it there and keep on rising” 

I will heed her call, and invite you all to take this leap with me. I believe District 21 is the key to the city. We have big assets like the LaGuardia Airport, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and Willets Point. We also have the greatest asset any New York City neighborhood can hope for- Our tremendous people. Let's unlock this together, street by street, smile by smile and with the best interests of our community in mind. 


I'll also be participating in the city’s voluntary public financing program, which matches small-dollar contributions. For every $1 you contribute (up to $175) to my campaign, the program will match it by $6. Please make a contribution today!


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